Long Course

Adventure Trophy is a race created by adventure racers, so we tried to designed the course to be both: demanding for the stronger teams, but also to be attainable for a little slower and less experienced teams. We would like to show you the beauty and diversity of the Malopolska Province, that’s why the course will be linear!

The main rule of the race is that Teams must go through all Stages (in the specific order) and visit all transitions areas (TA). To be classified teams don’t have to collect all control points (CPs) they must visit at least one (CP) on every Stage. Of course at first we will classify teams by numbers of CPs later by the time. The teams who skip a CP or CPs, will be ranked behind the teams who manage to complete whole course even if they reach the finish line earlier.

There will be also several cut offs along the course, that will allow teams to control their pace from very beginning of the race. To confirm visiting the CP we will use SI cards (provided by organizer), all member must punch the CP!

The total distance of Advnutre Trophy 2018 is 400km.
The winning time is estimated about 52-56h. The limit for the Long Course is 74h.

Maps will be distributed at the starting line few minutes before the RACE START. The course details teams will know from the Road Books of the race (given at the registration) In the race teams will use topographic updated maps, in scale 1: 50 000 and orienteering maps in scales 1:5000 and 1:10 000

Adventure Trophy 2018 Disciplines:

Mountain biking (total distance about 210km)

There will be 2 long MTB Stages during the race, with similar length. That would be the most challenging parts of the race, teams must be prepared for a whole range of roads surface such as: long steep uphills and fast and technical downhills on the single tracks or forest gravel roads. There will be also few asphalt sections, however we will avoid the main roads (mostly they will be forbidden). There will be also a MTBO section (length about 10km) during one of the Stage. Teams must be prepared to pack and unpack their bikes from the bike boxes which are obligatory equipment for the race.

Trekking (total distance about 90 km)

There will be 3 Trekking Stages. The first one will be typical high mountain trekking physically demanding, but with simplified navigation. The other two stages will require careful navigation (mostly in the night), and the teams will not finish them quickly. They will pass through difficult and diverse terrain, mostly forest hills and meadows.

Orienteering runs (total distance 20km)

There will be several orienteering runs during the race. There will be city orienteering (sprint orienteering maps), which includes also a Prologue of the race. Of course there will be also classic orienteering runs in the forest. Teams for these sections will receive separate maps in scales from 1:5000 to 1:10 000.

Kayak (total distance about 45km)

There will be one Kayak Stage partly during the night. Teams will have to navigate through open water and find the shortest route to Cps (to hit some of them, they will have to leave their kayaks and go through short sections in the field. In the middle of the Stages teams will have to complete Special Task (fix ropes). There will be also a 2 km section which teams will have to pass on foot, carrying kayaks (we allow the use of kayak trolleys)

Inline skates (total distance about 30-40km)

It will be only one Inline Stage, simple and very fast. Teams will follow direct roads with very good asphalts no difficult steep downhills. Teams will avoid car traffic, can use poles if they want. NO skikes or roller skis allowed!

Swimming (total distance 0,5 km)

Teams will have to reach CP located in the open water or cross the lake. There will be lifeguards assist, but all competitors must swim. Using of lifejackets will be obligatory.


During the race, there will be several Fix Rope Tasks, which will consist of passing the rope bridge, climbing, both descending and ascending.