This year the Adventure Trophy HQ will be located in Primary School No. 29 in Krakow. As we mentioned before it will be city centre so you will have opportunity to visit old town, but please take into account when planning your journey especially by car!
HQ Adress:
Primary School no. 29
30-540 Kraków
al. Dembowskiego 12

The Race Centre will be open (for registration, equipment checking, teams preparation etc) from noon on Wednesday. Teams must leave it before 3pm on Sunday.

It will be possible to spent the night before and after the race in the School in tourist conditions - sleeping on the floor in classrooms. For those who would be interested in more comfortable conditions we listed below the list of nearest hotels, hostels etc….

There will be limited parking places so teams from the Short Course might have to find the parking in nearest area. Teams who travel by plane and want our help with transfer from the airport should send us the time of their arrival and flights no.